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ECNY Bill Memoranda
Memos on Proposed Legislation

As part of its advocacy role, the Energy Coalition participates in the legislative process. There are hundreds of bills proposed each year in the New York State Senate and Assembly that could have an impact on energy companies, their customers and shareholders. On behalf of its members, ECNY monitors such legislative activity and provides information to policy makers and the public regarding the impact of some of the bills. Important energy issues are also often addressed in the State budget.

ECNY communicates the positions of its member companies formally through memos in support or opposition. There are usually numerous formal memos issued during each session. However, the absence of a memo should not suggest that the Coalition has no position on a legislative proposal.

ECNY member companies also issue their own support/opposition memos that generally focus on the specific impacts on their businesses.

Bill text can be retrieved at either the NYS Senate or NYS Assembly home page. These sites can also provide the sponsors' bill memos and current status.

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